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Hello, In this article we have provided you an essay on nature. Nature Essay will help you all to know about how nature is important to us and how to conserve our nature. The essay on nature provided here is to help you all to know about nature and how to protect nature.

Essay on Nature: 100 Words

Nature is our greatest friend as we reside on Earth, encircled by nature. It gives us the energy to reside here, it gives us water for drinking, simple air for breathing, food for eating and soil for staying, livestock, crops for our other customers, etc. for our better and healthy lives.
essay on nature
essay on nature

People have to appreciate nature to the full without interrupting their ecological equilibrium. Nature needs to be correctly cared for and kept smooth and tidy, preventing it from being destroyed so that we can appreciate our nature indefinitely. Nature is the most valuable gift that the Lord has allowed us to appreciate but not to damage it. 

Essay on Nature: 300 Words

Nature is a component and parcel of our lives. But while we enjoy the blessings that she gives us, we overlook that in the future we are plundering her possessions and thus denying our kids the enjoyment of loving nature in all its abundance and diversity. Nature's beauty has been praised in poets and artists ' works. When Wordsworth defines the daffodils that dance in the wind or when William Turner's eyes light upon a picture, our hearts are packed with an indescribable feeling.

Nature has multiple facets. It continues to change from season to season, minute to minute. If in the beginning, the ocean was a light blue, it became an orange-green color at midday. Throughout the day, the colors of the world continue to change, from soft pink at birth to blue at mid-morning and light orange at night and violet at twilight. Our emotions are reflected in nature. We feel pleased and optimistic when the sun shines.

We feel thoughtful when the heavens change and the raindrops in torrents. The lover in us can wake up by a balmy moonlit morning. This is the transformative force of the beauty of nature. The cannibalistic psychiatrist Hannibal Lector, who is in a maximum-security prison, tells Clarice Starling, the FBI officer, in the film,' The Silence of the Lambs,' that he wants to be transferred to a facility where he can have a window-looking room on the sky. Every moment we chopped down a tree, every moment the sea is destroyed by a petroleum spill, let us know that we are losing the most valuable heritage we can leave for our kids.

Essay on Nature: 500 Words

Nature is, or so individuals think, the gift of God to man. Sometimes we overlook that mere interaction with nature is what physically and psychologically is needed by individuals.
essay on nature for students
essay on nature for students

Human beings
need to come into touch with nature. In reality, in relation to the various structures such as cardiovascular, neurological, and so on, the human body interacts with the setting through vision, listening, taste, smell, and touch. It is usually presumed that nature means a region's geographically determined ecology. That is the trees, the hills, the ponds, the livestock, etc.

One of the greatest stuff that can occur to you is to experience nature. People spend most of their moment watching TV or web surfing. They spend most of their moment indoors not enjoying a true break, which contributes to pressure. Nature, however, is not restricted to parks, beaches, resorts, hills or woods. Even in the biggest towns, nature can be seen and appreciated. You're going to see crops, flowers, and trees and think peaceful. The greenery is going to assist you to relax and calm down. You can leave the home the next moment you're stressed or disturbed and have a garden or stroll in the park.

You can hear singing birds or just imagine your face flowing with the breeze. You can also go to the coast and hear against the coast to the wave's lip. You can indulge in cricket tunes at night and watch floating trees. Watching sunrises and sunsets, watching flying birds and watching stars are also methods you can be nearer to nature.

People are more aware of controlling their atmosphere by failing to see the beauty of easy stuff. They believe they're going to be inferior or unique by altering stuff. With man-made events, they are more absorbed. People need to realize that human beings are created to live in and not change the natural universe.

Nature's growing knowledge should guide individuals to appreciate and defend it, not spoil it. If nature is not nurtured, there will soon be no more soil, water, and atmosphere. Would you like to live like the sun in a lonely or desolate location? An article on nature should make you consider this option closely, however distant it may be. Would you prefer to live in a dull and sober globe without color and soul? Modernization can be useful, but nature has its own distinctive benefits that help the human being. Even with today's technological development, a guy can still closely appreciate nature. You will understand how important it is to preserve and enjoy nature and live a better, more colorful lives.

Essay on Nature: 800 Words

Nature is a natural atmosphere that surrounds us, cares for us and feeds us at all times. It offers us a protective coating around us to avoid damage. Without nature, we can not live on earth like air, soil, water, fire, and heaven. Nature involves crops, livestock, rivers, woodlands, rain, lake, birds, ocean, thunder, sun, moon, climate, climate, mountains, deserts, mountains, ice, etc. Every type of nature is very strong, capable of nourishing and destroying us.

Now a day, there is less time for everyone to appreciate nature. We have forgotten to appreciate nature and enhance wellness in the growing audience. We began using technological tools for our fitness for health. It's true, though, that nature has the authority to feed us and suit us permanently. Most authors outlined in their texts the true beauty and benefit of nature. Nature is capable of freeing our minds from stress and curing our illnesses. Our nature is gradually decreasing due to technological development in human existence, which requires a strong amount of consciousness to maintain it in equilibrium and preserve natural resources.

To see that our eyes can never be weary, God developed everything very nicely. But we have forgotten that we also have some accountability for the connection between nature and human beings towards our existence. How lovely it feels in the morning with the dawn, bird songs, lake sounds, streams, wind and pleasant evening meetings of buddies in the park after a lengthy crush day. But in simply satisfying our responsibilities towards our households, we forgot to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Everything in nature has its own God-given authority and uniqueness. It has its many shapes that change from season to season and even from minute to minute as the ocean appears light purple in the morning but it feels smart green at midday. Throughout the day, Sky shifts color from light pink at dawn, blue at early afternoon, light orange at sunset at night, and violet at night. Our atmosphere is also altered as pleased and excited at the sunshine, rainy season and spring season depending on nature. At twilight, we feel heartily pleased and bored and weary in heavy sunlight.

Nature has some strong transformative energy that correspondingly shifts our mood and behavior. Nature has the authority to retrieve patients from their illnesses if the necessary and enjoyable atmosphere is supplied for them. Nature is very important to our good lives, so we should maintain it tidy and preserve it for our generations to come. We should chop down trees and forests, not destroy the sea, waterways, not create room in the ozone layer, not reduce green home effects, worldwide warming, and much more through our private operations. We should be completely conscious of our existence and strive to maintain it naturally so that it can eternally nourish lives on earth.

Sometimes during our holidays, we spend the whole day watching TV, reading the news articles, playing indoor matches or working on the laptop, but we forgot that we can do something exciting outside the gate in the natural setting of nature. Unnecessarily we put on all house lamps, we use unnecessary energy that eventually raises the temperature in the atmosphere called worldwide warming. Our other operations, such as harvesting trees and woodlands, boost the quantity of CO2 fuel that causes green home effects and worldwide warming in the atmosphere.

Nature's beauty is endless.  But the contemporary person is too engulfed in worldly endeavors, sadly.  He's too busy to explore nature's beauties.  He has no time to attend to the birds ' songs, watch the trees move majestically across the heavens, or play with the daffodils that dance.  He's not looking at the starry heavens; he's lost to a rainbow's beauty in the sky.  He handed off his soul to the god of riches, Mammon.

As a renowned writer said, "What is this life if we have no time to sit and look complete of care." We've all discovered that nature is the greatest friend of man. Can anyone just lay down and listen to the sounds around us? The response is a large NO, unfortunately. India is a nation decorated with a great deal of picturesque beauty. We have areas called' Gods Own Country,'' The City of Garden,'' Earth Paradise,' etc. due to the captivating geographical nature. Sadly, God's donations are diminishing slowly. There are individuals walking in the morning to prevent health risks such as cancer, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.

It would have been easier if they listened to the birds ' songs, felt the breeze's noise and enjoyed the new atmosphere around them. This can enhance our wellness on its own. In its complete beauty, many poets have portrayed nature. We can prevent stress if we live hand in hand with nature. Stress is the primary source of all illnesses, as we all understand. When constructing houses, skyscrapers and concrete jungles around us, we should also consider planting at least one tree for every house we build. We should all discover time to sit and watch.

If we always want to be pleased and safe, we should make every effort to save our earth and its lovely beauty by preventing our stupid and selfish actions. We should not chop trees, woodlands, exercise power, and water preservation and many more to maintain the environment in equilibrium. Ultimately we're nature's true consumer so we really should take care of it.

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