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Essay on Electricity: 100 Words

Electricity is one of the best ponders in science. It is a blessing to humanity. It has completely changed us. It has assuaged us from hard work. Present day society is totally reliant on electricity. It would not be a misrepresentation to state that it has become the spine to improvement today. It is one of the basics required to continue present-day urban life especially.

Present day age is a period of electricity. Life grinds to a halt when there is control stopped
notwithstanding for a period. We have electric transmit, electric cable car, electric knob, electric train, and electroplating, electric fan, electric stove, all of which have made our lives simpler and agreeable. We have become used to all these things. These are never again thought about the miracles of science. We can't envision a life without them.

essay on electricity
essay on electricity

Essay on Electricity: 300 Words

Electricity is an incredible aid of Modern Science. Electricity has expelled dimness from the
world and has enlightened each circle of human action. Today life without electricity is
practically unimaginable. Present day life has become so current thus mechanical that
notwithstanding for all small things in everyday life we need electricity. The TV, radio,
processor, recording device, warmer all that we are utilizing at home are running just by electric power.

Electricity is utilized in different fields of human action. The significance of electricity in different fields in which electricity works are talked about underneath:

1. Building: All designing and specialized exercises rely on electricity. Building certain
materials and welding all rely upon electricity. Actually, a building workshop needs electricity
each minute.

2. Correspondence and transport: Modern man today is getting a charge out of all the offices of
transport and correspondence and these are conceivable just through electricity.

3. Medical procedure: Modern treatment of numerous illnesses is careful. Several patients are experiencing careful tasks and these activities are unthinkable without electricity. The task theater won't be opened if there isn't electricity. Specialists need an incredible light which hands over the body of the patient upon the activity table. On the off chance that electricity falls flat when the patient is etherized upon the table becomes really lethal for the patient and there is little any desire for his or her survival.

4. Excitement programs: Today all our diversion programs rely upon electricity. TV, film, radio, recording device, V.C.P, and V.C.R are the advanced wellsprings of diversion and they can't keep running without electricity. Simply envision what occurs in a film hall when electricity flops amidst the show. Individuals yell and become eager. Frequently they run savage if there is no electricity for quite a while.

5. House-building: Modern house-fabricating likewise needs electricity, especially for getting
flame broils for the windows, entryways and different materials of iron and steel. We likewise
need electricity for cleaning mosaic floors and cutting marble pieces.

Essay on Electricity: 500 Words

Electricity is the best endowment of science to humanity. We have achieved a point of our
progress when electricity is utilized for all reasons. Without it, our reality will be unthinkable.
Electricity is a wellspring of vitality. It is delivered by a battery or a curl of wires or by dynamo machine. It is delivered in the warm station and furthermore in hydro-venture.

There are different miracles to electricity. The most significant of all is an electric fan and electricity bulb. These two things have improved our expectation for everyday comforts and furthermore effectiveness of work. Our homes, streets, workplaces, and shops are lit. It is troublesome and in some cases difficult to work in an office where there is no light and fan.

Understudies read serenely in a room which is legitimately outfitted with electric light and fan. The fan is definitely not a sumptuous thing. It is important to battle heat amid summer. Electricity is basic to work fan in summer and electric warmer in winter. In virus winter, electric radiators warm our rooms.

Electricity is a method for correspondence. Broadcast and message gadget depends on
electricity. It is simple to send messages to far off spots. The phone likewise works because of electricity. Because of this office, the world has become a natural spot for all. Fax-machine is the most recent improvement. Consequently, correspondence is conceivable because of electricity. Choose has empowered us to overcome existence.

After the innovation of electricity, there has been an improvement in railroads. Beforehand, the railroad trains I steam motors. At present, electric trains are utilized in all nations. Electricity is of essential use in businesses and processing plants, electricity no manufacturing plant can run. Presently a-days, everything is finished with electricity. We use the processor to blend, iceboxes, clothes washer and other home apparatuses at our home. In any case, without electricity, these things can not work. Radio and TV are endowments of electricity. The film is incomprehensible without it.

The most significant miracle of electricity is felt in the field of restorative science. X-Ray,
Scanning, Ultra Sonographer Test, E.C.G., Endoscopy, and so forth are the created gadgets in the field of drug and medical procedure. This is conceivable because of electricity as it were. Lunacy and the mental issue can be restored through electric stun to the patients. PC works just when it is provided with electricity.

In perspective on the various employment of electricity, it is, on the whole, correct to state that the present age is the time of electricity.


Electricity is valuable and ought to never be squandered. In the meantime, there is have to
practice alert while utilizing electricity. A slight dash of an open electric wire removes human life inside no time. Subsequently, we should be cautious about that. A broken switch, a harmed attachment, a harmed wire ought to quickly be fixed or replaced. People should utilize electricity just when they need it. It ought to never be taken as enjoyable to play.

Essay on Electricity: 800 Words

Electricity is one of our life's most powerful forces. It can even kill you as a matter of fact. Electric energy is the most vital part of electricity. When we hear the word electricity, this is what we commonly think of. Electricity reminds us of anything we plug into an outlet to make it work like lights, refrigerators, video games, microwaves, and computers. Scientists have discovered ways to produce large amounts of electrical energy to produce heat, light, and movement.

Electricity's effects control a lot of our daily lives. This wonderful source of power runs many of our gadgets and everyday tasks. We wouldn't be able to make a cup of coffee in the mourning, for example, without electricity, or even make a long-distance call to family or friends. Many brilliant people have made several technological breakthroughs in terms of electricity throughout history. It came from being discovered as a small current to becoming a useful power to run things like computers.

Benjamin Franklin was a brilliant researcher who invented a lot of useful things. Though he was curious about one special thing throughout his experiments and inventions. In fact, he was so curious that his electricity experiments took up more than four years of his life, devouring more than half of his printing business profits. He discovered this power source after many tests and experiments while flying a kite during a lightning storm. He turned this new-born curiosity into a full-fledged science branch through his losses.

Its absence will result in total chaos, darkness, and disruption, even for a few minutes. Life will then come to a standstill and all its activities. Electricity is one of the most important elements of our everyday life. Our factories, trains, trams, and ships are running it. It has proven to be an indispensable housewives maid-servant. It is always at our disposal to clean sweeps, washes, cooks, and dust like a cheap maid-servant. It keeps us warm in winter; our fans, coolers, air-conditioners, chillers, etc. are running in summer. It has released a lot of drudgery and labor from mankind. Man, therefore, has more time to spend on hobbies, pastimes, and higher and more meaningful pursuits.

Only with the help of electricity was it possible to make many more and great inventions. We now have such fast and efficient means of communication because of this mysterious power, called electricity. This power is directly invented by radio, television, the telephone, etc. Electricity has made a major contribution to the diagnosis and detection of diseases. For instance, x-' radiography helps us to detect many diseases that would not otherwise have been detected. In the near future, atomic energy can be successful in curing a fatal disease such as cancer.

There are too many uses of electricity in our daily lives to be counted. It has transformed our lives into a marvelous world of ease, comfort, luxury, and comfort. The invention of cinema, the radio, TV, VCR, VIC and other audio and video systems have revolutionized our entertainment world. Man has taken great steps; he has reached the moon and only because of electricity has he tamed the forces of nature. His contribution was also very significant in mining, construction, irrigation and other activities like this.

We have electricity and atomic energy from hydro and thermal. Then there are different non-conventional power and energy sources such as the sun, tidal waves, wind, etc. As science and technology progressed rapidly, the demand for electricity and power grew rapidly. All these sources are increasingly being exploited and used to meet this ever-increasing demand for power. Even thunderstorms can be used to produce enormous amounts of energy and power.

Another name for progress and prosperity is electricity. Any nation's desire can plunge into a deep crisis. Its abundant availability turns a nation into a large house of power and a very advanced industrialized country. It is, therefore, necessary to make all possible efforts to avoid an energy crisis. Coal and oil deposits are limited. Maybe they don't last long. And there are many inherent risks to atomic and nuclear power. It can be very dangerous at times. It is therefore imperative to harness more and more sources of non-conventional and renewable nature such as the sun, wind, waves, etc.

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