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Essay on Cow: 100 Words

The cow is a domestic animal. It gives us milk. It has two horns and a long tail which it uses to fly away mosquitoes and flies. The cow dung is also used to make manure and fuel. A Cow lives in a shed. 

Cow-milk is extremely nutritious and easy to digest. For individuals, particularly kids, ill individuals, and expectant mothers, it's very nice. The milk is also used to make ghee, butter, cud, and cheese. The milk of a cow is considered very healthy for infants and older people. We also call cow as Gou Mata in India and it is worshipped next to God.

Essay on Cow: 300 Words

The' cow' is an animal of great use. It's a household pet. It's discovered throughout the globe. It provides us with dairy. For kids and patients, cow's milk is very helpful. Naturally, it's soft. The cow's got a big body. It's got four feet, two tails, a lengthy tail. 

essay on cow
essay on cow

The individuals worship the cow in India. In our faith, the cow is provided the position of "mother." It's a godly creature. Cow dung is also a useful fertilizer that is usually used for faster crop development in grown areas. His hair is used to make clothes, pockets, etc. after the cow dies, and his bones are used to make buttons, combs, knife handles and comparable helpful items.

She eats vegetation, fodders, grain, and hay. She is classified as mammals because she provides birth to a child and feeds her milk. The cow is a rational creature that is very calm and caring. In India, she is a highly regarded creature. Indians praise their mother's cow. For Hindus, she is a holy creature because it is believed that all gods and goddesses can readily be pleased to worship a cow.

Everything we get from the cow has its own significance. Her milk is particularly helpful for kids and patients of the increasing era. In Pooja, Dudh Abhishek and other spiritual reasons, her milk is also used. Even as a healthy fertilizer, her dung is used. Farmers use their dung to grow their areas for faster crop development. Her bathroom (Gau mutra) is used to handle different illnesses as a medication. 

Not only the cow is very helpful to the landowners, but also their child's calf. In her youthful era, the male calf is called as a bull and used to plough farmers ' areas. The bull is called the greatest friend of the farmer in India. So we're supposed to look after her.

Essay on Cow: 500 Words

Everyone understands that cow is a national pet and that it is helpful to us in different respects. She's a four-foot creature. She's discovered throughout the globe. In India, worshiping her as a mom is a ritual and practice. Naturally, she is very soft. She is discovered in various forms, dimensions, and colors. She has a big body all over her body with tiny hair. She's got 2 ears. It's got two eyes. For self-protection, she has two horns on her head. She loves grass grazing. She chews her meals in her mouth very well and then eats it. 

The cow provides us with dairy. It's packed with nutrients, decent meat, and protein. Even, because it is readily digestible, physicians recommend their clients to eat cow milk. Cow milk is used to create several foods and meals that can be eaten. In many types like curd, khoya, paneer, cheese, whey, gee, etc., its milk can be altered. 

Cow milk makes us safe and powerful. It has a strong position in culture because in many respects it is very useful to us. It enables to increase our body's immune energy. It protects us from infections and illnesses of multiple kinds. Daily, as it leaves our mind sharp, we should eat cow milk.

The cow is a holy creature. We have been worshiping animals as our mom since the old times. So many stories are behind a cow's worshipping. Lord Krishna, one of the most well-known Hindu gods, was usually used to playing flute between cattle and their calves.

He is also known as' Govinda' or' Gopala,' meaning' the guard or a cow buddy.' It is also regarded that before getting his / her own dinner, a real devotee should feed a cow first. God will be pleased about his devotee by doing this. Another old story says the world is on the horns of the cow.

Depending on the area, there are so many cow kinds in India. In color, size and physical endurance, she varies. Two kinds of cow races exist universally: Taurine and Zebu. In Europe, the taurine cow race was created and the second in South Asia. 

There is also a third sort of race called Taurine-India race which is a combination of Taurine and Zebu races. There is a big distinction in the growth of both races. In the Fertile Crescent area, taurine animals were created while Zebu form was domesticated.

The cow is a soft creature of nature that provides us with so many helpful items. Everything that is connected to her is very helpful to humanity. Many Hindu individuals also eat cow meat after getting tons of advantages and religious imports. People consume the food of cattle, even though they understand it's wrong to kill a cow. There are a big amount of individuals eating meat, not only in India but also in other nations of the globe. Because of their beef, so many scarce cow races are in risk. The Indian govt has taken a significant move towards protecting the cow's lives in this mention. Eating and selling beef is now regarded as a felony in India.

Essay on Cow: 800 Words

The cow is among all mammals the holiest creature. It is the most significant national product that provides us milk as a nutritious meal in its entirety. She is a four-foot creature, so it's also called a four-foot monster. It has two large ears on its head, two nostrils, and two horns. She has a large nose, a mouth, a large back, and a lengthy tail. She is generally a loving creature, but when someone teases her, she assaulted in self-defense. She eats big quantities of meat, including hay, fodder, grain, vegetables, and other foods.

The cow is a good national pet that was held for many reasons by individuals at home. She provides milk that produces a good individual. She eats corn, food, vegetables, grain, and other products. She utilizes her one couple of powerful and narrow horns to assault individuals to save her kid as a defense body. Sometimes she also utilizes her tail to attack. She's got lengthy hairs on her tail tip. She also has tiny hair on her body and utilizes it to scare off the insects. She has been helping in many respects in human life for years. She's been over thousands of years of our good life. There is a wonderful history behind the creation of cattle on earth to nourish human life. In our life, we should all understand its significance and requirement and honor it indefinitely.

The cow is an animal that is very helpful. As the most nutritious meal, it provides us milk. We can make a lot of eatable, safe and tasty meals by using its dairy. It also has its economic use. A individual can gain cash by selling their eggs and other dairy goods (such as butter, gee, cheese, khoya, etc.) and can meet their requirements. Even as a medication, Gau-Muttra is used. 
Cow-dung is used for making smoke as a gas. Her child male calf becomes an ox that helps peasants very much. Her hair is used to create leather stuff like clothes, pockets, belt, etc. after her suicide. We can create a lot of decorations by using her bones. So, every portion of her flesh can be said to be helpful to us.

The cow is symbolized as their mom to the Hindus. She reflects life and family support. She is the emblem of abundance and grace. Also known as Kamadhenu, she fulfills all natural desires. Cow murderers and cow meat eaters are also regarded to be doomed to live in heaven for as many thousands of years as there are on the heads of every cow they eat from for every hair. The cow is very helpful to people.
  • Her milk is used in many different respects. Some individuals use it as a medication and others for the reasons of religion.
  • It is very helpful both for kids of the young era and for patients. The entire cow corpse is helpful to us as her hair is used to make clothes, pockets and other leather products after cow's death.
  • Her dung is used as a gas and fertilizer to create fire. We produce so many goods from her dairy such as butter, curd, cheese, candy, khovaa, etc. 
  • Her child calf (he/she) is also very helpful to us. 
  • If her child is a male calf, he's going to be an adult bull or ox.

Cow killing is regarded in the Hindu faith as a very great sin. The slaughtering cow was prohibited in many nations. Indian individuals worship the cow on many religious times and use their goods. Its cow-dung is used in the areas as a very useful fertilizer to improve the amount of fertility for annual crop development. The cow hair is used after death to create leather stuff like clothes, pockets, pockets, etc. and bones to create pebbles, buttons, gun handles, etc.

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