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Essay on my Hobby: 100 Words

Hobbies play a major role in our lives. In spare hours, they keep us busy and create lives comfortably. They create us to forget our concerns and inspire us. They are making lives exciting and enjoyable. They offer us power and the dignity of labor they teach us. Everyone has a hobby. My hobby is dancing. I like to dance on all the songs. My mother has subscribed to music channels where I can see people dance and copy their steps. I love to practice my steps after school and I also participate in my school functions to show my talent to everyone. 

Essay on My Hobby
Essay on My Hobby

Essay on my Hobby: 300 Words

Hobbies have an infinite range. The whole universe is your choice. Some of the well-known hobbies are gardening, reading, dancing, working on some musical tool, gathering stamps, bird-watching, pet-keeping, photography, star-watching, chess-playing, fishing, swimming, adult education, gathering autographs of eminent people, writing, etc. Much more can be added to the list. You can invent your own hobby free of charge. It does not contain any restrictions. Each hobby has its own characteristics, charms, benefits, and enjoyment. There are hobbies both alumni and indoor. You can choose one based on your flavor, length, the pleasure of the free moment.

I've got two hobbies.  Gardening is my first hobby. Outside my room, there's a large compound.  I created a little garden on the one hand.  I produced a lot of flowers beds.  My garden is filled with lovely flowers in the spring season. I have a distinct plot for vegetables— carrots, potatoes, and so on. I dig a room on the planet.  I water the crops at night and remove the weeds.  I'm sitting under the forests, reading my books.  Sitting there is very nice.

Photography is my second hobby.  I've got a little camera.  I'm taking shots of attractions nearby.  In my own location, I create my pictures.  I produced a tiny dark space for that intent.  I submit my pictures to various journals and journals, so I'm getting some cash.  Photography is a hobby that pays a lot.  I want to paint the way life is. I hope this item will succeed.  I intend to organize a photo show in nearby towns and villages.

Essay on my Hobby: 500 Words

Everyone has to have an exciting hobby with them because it keeps the mind active and fresh. Although we are alone, it will never leave us alone. Everyone has a distinct hobby, such as singing, dancing, dance, and so on. Hobbies are a nice thing an individual receives from infancy. It can be created in any era, but from adolescence, it is easier to get it. Some of them, according to their interests, likes, and dislikes, have distinct hobbies.
There is an endless variety of hobbies. Your decision is the entire world. Some of the well-known hobbies are gardening, reading, dancing, working on some musical instrument, collecting stamps, bird-watching, pet-keeping, photography, star-watching, chess-playing, fishing, swimming, adult schooling, collecting eminent people's autographs, writing, etc. There's a lot more to add to the list. You can invent free of charge your own hobby. There are no limitations to it. Every hobby has its own features, charms, advantages, and pleasure. There are students and outdoor hobbies. 

My Hobby Essay
My Hobby Essay
My hobby is the collection of stamps, gardening, cooking and listening to music. Every nation publishes stamps off and on in the contemporary globe. Stamps are used to celebrate the anniversary of the nation's known characters, to celebrate some major occurrences, and so on other times.

Stamps are of various colors, dimensions, and patterns. They comprise images of birds, individuals, livestock, crops, factories, etc. They state their tax significance and dates, months and years sometimes. The exercise of gathering stamps involves several philatelic groups. I am a representative of the Indian Philatelic Society.

I've got about 5,000 postage stamps. I organized them in albums according to distinct continent nations. I also listed stamps of various types, such as landscapes, birds, livestock, individuals, science inventions and findings, historical and geographical fields, etc. I'm pleased with and very proud of my stamp collection.
It's like meditation that I always enjoy gardening, which increases my job effectiveness, interest, and capacity. It provides me peace and joy, it allows the use of my day. I appreciate my flowering garden every day in the morning, increasing crops gently every day. 
I also love the sunrise in my garden and sunset every day. In my garden, I usually like to do my college homework. I play my father's matches in my garden every night. And appreciate my mother's evening stroll. I observe the growth of crops every day and water the factory. I also attempt to plant in my garden fresh and ornamental crops to improve its appearance and beauty.

I also have another hobby that is painting. I like creating water-colored pictures as well as petroleum colors. It takes time for oil paintings to create and get prepared as the paints dry up slowly. However, there is a certain color wealth in an oil painting. The colors of the water are fast to dry. I discover the watercolor impact very relaxing.

Abstracts are my favorite painting topics. But in the statements I create, there's significance. They're not just a color splash. I'm making the abstracts meaningful. I enjoy communicating with those who wish to understand the depictions of my abstracts. The pictures can be valued when viewing the significance of abstracts. Often it is not simple to decipher the significance of abstracts.

I like to take pictures as well. I like to stand in front of an individual to portray them. But it may not always be feasible. I'm sketching black pen or pencil pictures. It's exciting to create portraits. I produced pictures of some people and had the chance to meet them and have them autographed the pictures. Celebrities wished to have the image with my signature on a few occasions. I was humiliated by such times. I also create caricatures sometimes. It's pleasant to create these. They add a touch of humor to a person's image. My job has never insulted the subjects of my caricature sketches. They enjoyed and commended my job.

Essay on my Hobby: 800 Words

Practically everyone has their own hobby; whether it's a sport, gathering certain objects, or taking their time to practice. I never believed I ever had a hobby, personally. Indeed, I wasn't even sure what a hobby was in reality. Then I thought and lastly knew my hobby was dancing. Yes, I understand that dancing is not a real hobby for some individuals; but as I see it, if I love dancing and waste my valuable time doing it, I have every right to regard it as my unique activity.

I've always enjoyed dancing so far as I can remember about my infancy. It was just my thing to dance. I remember going to ballet... showing more material... I'd watch those clips over and over again just to downgrade their dance moves. I'd exercise them in front of my full-length mirror once I got their "recent moves" cooled down. My brothers and I would then try our little Junior High dances to dance like them. The funny aspect was that we even had dance contests to see who was a stronger performer among us. Of course, according to the director, the prize was never announced, "We were all great performers".

I'm not just dancing because I need to, but I'm also doing it for enjoyment. It's not like official dancing is the only sort I do. To me, it doesn't really matter where I'm with or where I'm with, I'm going to get up and dance as soon as I'm in the atmosphere. Whether I'm in an official dance (PROM), a party, or even a club, I'm making sure I'm doing my dancing share. If an individual says, "I don't understand how to dance," it really gets on my nerves. I mean, how can a person not understand how to dance? It's not as if each individual has a particular dance move.

Dancing includes a method, timing, coordination of eyes and hands, rhythm, emotion, and character. I am always interested in learning fresh measures of dancing and practicing it whenever I get time off my busy timetable.

There are different forms of dance generated with the help of music such as Jazz, Kathak, Disco, and so on. Some people can't afford money for dance classes and these dance lovers learn to dance from television, visiting concerts, events, and from other sources, and they can't afford different dresses for their dance, so they just dance in tight trousers, t-shirts, and shoes. This enables them to improve their own moves, styles, and enthusiasm for dance.

I hope to be a good skilled dancer someday. But right now I also have to concentrate on my studies so I can't devote enough time to my hobby of dancing. I'm doing stage shows for 1 1⁄2 years in dancing and I'm going to proceed as far as I can.
I've got my Hi-Voltage dance band names. There are 8 employees in my band (4 guys and 4 women). At community activities and colleges, our band participates in contests and plays.
There are numerous pieces of art that reflect distinct cultures of distinct nations and nations, or the location from which it originates, such as concerts such as ballet, jazz, pop dance, contemporary dance, etc. 

There are distinct sources of inspiration from distinct types of individuals such as relatives, educators, performers, actresses, choreographers, etc. may be their inspiration, and the distinct sort of dance form may be their greatest inspiration and subsequently become a hobby for them.

Some are childhood dancer, some are fast students, and so on is their enthusiasm. This is all because, in any situation or stage of existence, dance keeps them happy, fit and comfortable. So continue to dance...
I discovered hip hop quiet exciting and amusing among all the playing types. This is because you don't have to be a really nice singer or purchase unique garments to conduct it in order to study hip hop. You can just don loose trousers & dance and shirt. In hip hop, each person has their own distinctive style. One significant thing is that you have to appreciate your dance. I dance because I love dancing and it makes me happy.

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