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Essay on Lion: 100 Words

The lion is an animal that eats flesh. He is one of the most powerful and fiercest eating animals of all flesh. The lion belongs to the same species belonging to the tiger, wolf, etc. He's got a beautiful figure. He's very strong. He's called the beasts king. In Africa, India, and Arabia, lions are found. They are kept in an iron cage for the public show. They're not losing their fearful nature even here. Often they're dangerous.

A full-grown lion size is between 10 and 12 feet. He's got a very big, heavy head. The lion's head and neck are covered with dense hair. The mane is called them. His paws are powerful. They have very sharp grips. He can pull them in quickly and easily.

essay on lion for students
essay on lion for students

Essay on Lion: 300 Words

The lion is a wild creature. It's one of the most powerful animals. Due to its enormous size and ferocious appearance, he is known as the jungle king. The most common type of lion that the species panther, Leo, as is the African lion. The panther also has a lion's common name and is from the family Felidae.

The lion's body is healthy. It's four-legged, it eats flesh, it's powerful with its paws. Their footprints are referred to as pug-marks. It has two sharp eyes; it hunts at night, the excellent hunter is the lions. During the day it sleeps.
At night, they come out of their caves. It has a huge, hair-covered head and neck called mane. The lion has a fur, but there's no brush for the lioness. When they feel hungry, they kill animals.

Lion's roar in the world is very famous; they can run very quickly and very loudly roar. It is an animal of carnivorous nature. Lions have been living for about 60 years. The Lions take pleasure in relaxing and lazing.

They spend 16 to 20 hours of rest and sleep each day. They have few sweat glands in their body, so when it's cooler, they wisely tend to retain their energy by resting during the day and becoming more active at night.

Lions are Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, England, Ethiopia, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Singapore's national animals. Due to lack of stamina, lions can reach speeds of up to 81 km / h (50 mph), but only in short bursts.

In Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North America, and Northern India, Lions once lived. But now they live primarily in Africa, apart from a small group (about 300) of Asian lions living in the Gujarat Gir forest of India and the Bengal delta of Sunderbans.

Essay on Lion: 500 Words

Our national animal is the lion. It's called the forest king. The lion's body is strong. It's a big creature. All the forest animals are scared of it. It's four legs. It's eating flesh. His paws are very powerful. Their footprint is known as pug-marks.
It has two eyes that are sharp. During the night, it hunts. It's a nice hunter. During the day it sleeps. It comes out of the cave for food at night.

essay on lion
essay on lion

The lion has a mane, but there is no mane for the lioness. When it feels hungry, it kills the animal. This animal's roar is very well-known. It's a very loud roaring. All the animals run away in fear when it roars. It can run very quickly. It's not a covetous animal.

The Indian lions are famous across the globe. White lions are found in India but are now numbered in their population. In the world, they're rare. The Gujarat Gir Forest and the Bengal Sunderbans Delta are known for their lions. The lion is an animal that is protected. Nobody is able to kill him. We have to be like a lion, strong, fearless and brave.
Lions can live in cool climates as well as semi-desert heat. Most of them live with thorny scrub trees in the woods, grassy plains, and mountains. In Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and India, they are found. Their numbers have dropped to an alarming level due to indiscriminate killing of men's lions.

In recent years, however, there have been some positive changes. India had about 523 lions in 2015 compared to 411 lions in 2010.
Usually, a male lion weighs about 160 to 180 kg (350 to 450 pounds), but up to 230 kg (500 pounds) some weight. Males are about three meters (10 feet) long.
Lionesses are about one foot shorter than males and about 113-140 kg (250-300 pounds) of weight.

In a group, the lions live, called pride. A pride is made up of 10 to 20 or as many as 35 lions. The lioness of the female, called lioness, gives birth to the young, called cubs. A liter may contain between 1 and 6 cubs.

A lion's average life span is 20-25 years in captivity and 15-20 years in the wild. A lioness ' gestation period is approximately 3.5 months.
They sleep and rest about twenty hours a day. They usually walk in a day for about 8 km. They may rest for 24 hours if they had a big meal. If hungry, in search of food, they can travel up to 15 miles (24 km). A cub, besides his own mother, can nurse on any lioness who has milk.

Lions were threatened by hunting trophy hunters in particular who were hunting them down to the hunter as valuable trophies. There is now a need to raise awareness about the need to save lions and protect them from the public in order to keep them from extinction.

Essay on Lion: 800 Words

The lion's scientific name is Panthera Leo. The lion is a cat family (felidae) social member. It is the world's second largest tiger cat. Lions are animals that are carnivorous. Its lifespan is between 10 and 14 years. They lived in a large group of 15 to 30 lions called pride, including women (lioness) and their young ones (cub). The eyesight of the lions is five times better than that of humans. Even though the female is hunting the prey they are waiting patiently until the lion has its share. They keep the remaining meal, especially sepulchers, for the other animals and birds.

They have antelopes, buffaloes, zebras, young elephants, rhinos, hippos, crocodiles, and giraffes in their prey. But they eat small animals like rats, tortoise, reptiles, etc. sometimes. Males spend their time watching over their territory and cubs. His beauty and grace not only make the lion the majesty but also his raw power and strength. It is distinguished from other animals by its royal look and role in pride. It is possible to hear its tremendous roar from five miles away.

In other animals it causes fear, but the pride is not afraid of anybody expecting hyena because it is vulnerable to cubs. They keep orders and punish those who abide by them. They maintain equilibrium in killing animals. They are upholding their pride principle. The lion protects other fellow animals and their habitat is visible from a distance to other animals. So what other name is different from THE KING.

White lion

Once upon a time when white lion cubs were discovered, the legendary white lion was thought to be a figment of one's imagination. This is due to a recessive gene and they are not albino because they have pigmentation in vital parts like eyes, paws, and lips. Their condition is referred to as leucism, meaning they only lose skin and fur pigmentation. The world has fewer than fifty white lions.


Some lions have been known to eat humans, but this is believed to have only been done by those suffering from injuries and disabilities that make it difficult for them to hunt natural prey and pursue humans as they are weaker and easier to capture. Several other theories include the desire to defend themselves. Another is that their natural habitat is unavailable and they attack human beings, not wanting to starve. By encouraging the extermination of these creatures, the thought that lions are predatory to humans has created ignorance and increased the amount of hunting. 


Lions have developed a living system in groups called pride based on related females. Most of the pride is female with only a handful of males, consisting of about 15 individuals and can sometimes even reach 40 individuals. Male cubs eventually leave and typically become nomads before becoming the territorial male and father of all cubs to take over their own group. Only when challenged by other males do they leave the pride and are forced to leave or killed. Nomads usually travel alone or in pairs, mostly males associated with each other. When a female nomad tries to join a pride, it's usually very hard because the other lionesses reject their intruder.

Hunting methods

A fresh flesh is his favorite food. It never attacks animals that are weaker and weaker. That's why it's recognized as a Nobel Beast. Male lions do not normally hunt mammals. It is a female lion, i.e. lioness, who hunts to feed the whole family that includes the male lion and her beautiful cubs. But sometimes, if necessary, the male lions are involved in hunting to win over the big animals.

What makes this beast a king of the jungle?

So, what kind of specialties do the king of animals and the whole jungle make lions? It has indefinable power and strength, but are these specialties enough to become a king?
Lions are not afraid of other animals, on the other hand, they have enemies just like ruler lions. In a jungle, Hyena is the nastiest enemy of a lion. The lions and hyenas ' food habits are nearly the same; therefore, these two mammals regularly clash with food.
Like a king, lions too uphold command. By creating rules and grueling those who do not stand for, a king keeps command.

By creating rules and grueling those who do not stand for, a king keeps command. Similarly, by killing a number of animals, a lion keeps balance in the jungle. The group of antelopes will overcrowd and destroy the entire grass resources in the jungles in the dearth of lions.
Lions take up rest in a day for nearly 20 hours. A lion's entire day schedule is to eat flesh, drink water, and sleep on a smooth surface. They have a royal life like a king in this respect.
That's how lions are Earth's most privileged mammal. This mammal has all of a king's qualities. The existence of lions is seen in the Indian and African jungles. In the circus show or the zoo, we could also see lions.

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