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Essay on India: 100 Words

India is a world-renowned country. Our country is geographically located on the continent of South Asia. India is a country with a high population and is naturally well protected from all directions. It is a renowned country throughout the world for its great cultural and traditional values. It contains the world's largest mountain called the Himalayas. India is a vast country with the world's second-largest population and seventh-largest land area. India's population is more than 1.2 billion. Mostly based on linguistic lines, there are 29 states. There is a wide variety of languages and even greater is the language of culture, festivals, dress, and lifestyle.

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India is a beautiful country, renowned for its unique cultures and traditions throughout the world. It is renowned for its heritage and monuments of history. Citizens here are in nature very polite and comprehensive. It was a slave country under British rule before 1947. However, after the great Indian freedom fighters ' many years of hard struggles and sacrifices, India was liberated from British rule in 1947. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru became India's first prime minister and hoisted the Indian flag when India gained freedom, saying, "When the world sleeps, India wakes up to life and liberty".

essay on india
essay on India

India is a democratic country where its public is entitled to make decisions to improve the country. India is a renowned country for saying "Unity in Diversity" because people of many religions, castes, cultures, and traditions live in unity. Most of the Indian heritage and monuments were added to the sites of world heritage.

Indian life philosophy, which is called Sanatan Dharma, is followed in India and has become the main factor in maintaining unity in diversity here. India is a country in the republic where its citizens are empowered to make country decisions. There are many natural sceneries, sites, monuments, ancient historical heritage, etc. that attract the minds of people from every corner of the world. India is known for its spiritual works, yoga, martial arts, and so on. Here comes a huge crowd of pilgrims and devotees to see and enjoy the beauty of India's famous sites, temples, and other world heritage sites.
Indian people in nature are very honest and truthful. Without any problem, people of different unique traditions and culture live together here.

My country's mother tongue is Hindi, however many languages are spoken here without any boundaries by people of different religions. India is a great country of natural beauty where from time to time great people have been born and have done great works. Indians in nature are very heart-touching, and from other countries, they warmly welcome their guests.

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India is a country of traditions and values. It is a place where families stay together and respect each other. It's proud to have the world's oldest civilization. It is also known that it has the oldest republic. It's the world's largest and most successful democracy. It was the center of ancient India's learning and education. People from all over the world came here to gain knowledge. It is the place of birth of three religions— Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism. It is the country that has familiarized the world with non-violence and truth philosophy. Today, in many countries around the world, Buddhism is a popular religion. It's the seers' and saints ' land. Great saints have been born in India such as Manu, Mahavir, Guru Nanak, Buddha, Chaitanya, Kabir, Rahim, etc.

India is a farming country. It's a village and farming country. In villages, more than two-thirds of its population still lives. Farming is the backbone of the economy of the country. Their soil is fertile. Climate conditions are appropriate for farming. In terms of food grains, India is self-reliant. It is ranked first in the world in terms of many food grains, fruits, and vegetables. It is also richly endowed with mineral resources.

The Union of India is the seventh largest country in the world covering an area of 32, 87,263 square kilometers and is a major South Asian country. India is twelve times the size of the UK. And 8 times the size of Japan. The mainland extends from 8°4′ north latitude to 37°6′ north and from 68°7′ east longitude to 97°25′ east of Greenwich.

The country's latitudinal and longitudinal extent in de-grades is nearly the same, i.e. around 30 degrees. The time difference between the two extreme points in the east and west is two hours due to the vast longitudinal extent. As such, time passing through Allahabad along the standard India meridian (82 ° 30E) is taken as the standard time for the entire country. The country is vast, measuring approximately 3,214 kilometers from north to south and approximately 2,933 kilometers from west to east.

India is a unique country as it can be easily accessed from other parts of Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. Since time immemorial, its cultural influences have crossed its border and reached faraway lands. It acts as a bridgehead between the world's developed and developing nations and between East and West. The strength of India lies in both its geography and its culture.

The subcontinent is isolated from the rest of Asia in a remarkable way, making it a geographical unit. For instance, the two great ranges, namely the Sulaiman and the Kirthar, cut it off from the West, barring the plateau of Baluchistan.

The great mountain wall formed by the Hindu Kush, Karakoram, and the Himalayas cuts off the countries beyond as the mountains are very high and hard to cross. Similarly, it is separated from Burma by the Eastern Himalayan Southward offshoots.

Essay on India: 800 Words

"Athiti Devo Bhava", which means' we venerate guests', reflects the Indian people's rich cultural heritage and warm hospitality. A country that stretches from the Himalayan eternal snows to the southern peninsulas, from the Eastern arid desert to the Eastern humid deltas, from the central plateau's dry heat and cold to the cool forest foothills and golden beaches. Indeed, the country offers an amazing choice of destinations to enjoy and enjoy a visiting tourist.

India is a tourist's paradise. It's proud to have a range of tourist attractions. Historic buildings, graves, churches, temples, minarets, sites of art and architecture, picturesque beauty, wildlife sanctuaries, etc. The Taj Mahal is the world's famous historic building. The Caves of Ajanta and Ellora are brilliant examples of architectural excellence. There are numerous pilgrimage centers for religious tourists. 

India is a country where people speak many different languages and live together in different castes, creeds, religions, and cultures. That's why India is known for "unity in diversity" The land of spirituality, philosophy, science, and technology is well known. People of different religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Islam, Christianity and Judaism have lived here since ancient times together. It is a country renowned for its agriculture and farming, which have been its backbones since ancient times. It uses food grains and fruits produced by itself.

India is the paradise of a tourist. It's proud to have a variety of attractions for tourists. It is a treasure of Historic buildings, tombs, churches, temples, minarets, art and architecture sites, picturesque beauty, sanctuaries for wildlife, etc. The Taj Mahal is a renowned historic building in the world. The Ajanta and Ellora Caves are brilliant examples of excellence in architecture. There are numerous religious tourist pilgrimage centers. Every year, people's lakhs visit India. India has a lot of charms and attractions. In the community of nations, it enjoys a place of pride. We're proud to be Indian citizens.

The Himalayas are standing north as a guard. India is a country that is multicultural, multi-lingual and multi-racial. In peace and harmony, people of different castes, creeds, colors, customs, and cultures live here. It's one of the world's largest democracies. It has friendly relationships with the world's countries. It emerges as an economic power. It has established ties with the world's major trading companies. Its location is very conducive to trade and trade.

Everyone has to experience some things in their lifetime, no matter where you come from. Like taking part in the color festival, Holi, where powder and liquid coloring doused. Or visiting the subcontinent's many forts and temples. You can even see Bengal Tigers in one of the 515 sanctuaries and national parks in India, among other wildlife.

Education is highly valued and each family saves their children to be educated. Exams are just around the corner as I write this article and it's common to see mothers and fathers learning with their children the lessons of history, geography, etc. Excellence in studies is very important to the average, most Indians even the dream of going to college and becoming a qualified professional from the poorest strata of society. The family is these dreams ' breeding ground. It wouldn't be a rare thing to see a family sell their only piece of property that they have to educate their kids. Even poor women work like housewives, cleaning utensils and working hard under challenging conditions.

People care about each other so deeply that they treat families as well as strangers. Neighbors are willing not only to share in happiness but also when death occurs or problems arise; they are the first to offer assistance. The sense of community is so strong that, unless they are the second or later generation of Indians in the country of their adoption, Indians would be lost outside India.

A high degree of importance is given to art and culture in all forms and is highly respected. The Bharathanatyam or Bharat dance (the other name for India) is tried and taught by people from all cultures around the world. The skill and beauty of these forms of art is something to believe in. Here it may not be possible to mention all India's art forms, it may be enough to say that each region has its own classical forms of dance. Music is also an integral part of the fabric of India. Here the southern Karnatic music and the northern Hindustani music need to be mentioned.

There's so much to explore, find, and see from the mountains to the beaches, and everything in between. Whether you're a local or visiting there, it's easy to get lost in the excitement of the people there. You will find yourself filled with so much culture and diversity in the only country. The only country that has India's great name.

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