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Essay on Earth: 100 Words

The name of our planet is Earth. It is also known as the blue planet because of the presence of water on it. It is a sphere is the shape and is the third planet of our solar system. It is the only planet that has life on it. Earth has a layer of air around it which is known as the atmosphere. There are 365 days in a year because this is the amount of time it takes to orbit the Earth once around the sun. We have night and day due to the tilting of the earth and it spins on its axis. It takes 24 hours to spin on its axis, making it one day.

Essay on Earth: 300 Words

Earth is the only planet known to have life in our solar system; mild climate, solid water, liquid, and gas. It's the sun's third planet. Planet Earth has 1 moon orbiting around it and is 12,756 kilometers in diameter of 7,921 miles.

Essay on Earth
Essay on Earth

Scientists believed that when a gas ball approached the Sun forming a solid planet, the Earth was formed. That day, the Earth was full rock until heavy rains hit the Earth and flooded it for many, many years. The Earth was filled with water as the rains stopped. Then, when the volcanoes underwater erupted, many islands were formed. Those islands soon joined forces to form countries and continents. There are four layers on Earth which are named as Crust, Mantle, Core Outside and Core Inner. There is magma within these four layers. This magma is spinning inside the earth constantly. The magma climbs up a volcano when it stops spinning and there is too much pressure and shoots hot lava, stones, and ashes out.

The Earth is rotating through its center on its axis, an imaginary straight line. The two points where the rotation axis intersects the surface of the Earth are called the poles, one of which is called the North Pole and the other is called the South Pole. One rotation is completed in 24 hours with respect to the Sun, called a solar day.

The Earth revolves in the direction of the counter-clock or from left to right or east. There are three reasons for the rotation. First, the rotation axis serves as a reference when setting the latitude and longitude geographic grid.

Not only is the Earth a planet in which we live, but it is the most important natural resource. From its economic point of view, the territory in possession of a nation is important. One of the world's ten largest territorial countries, six are part of emerging market economies.

Essay on Earth: 500 Words

The Earth is a celestial object that is relatively small. It's the third planet orbiting an average star, our Sun, in Orion's arm, sometimes called the Orion Spur; it's a small arm between the Sagittarius Arm and the Milky Way's Perseus arm, a barred spiral galaxy

This planet is made up of water and is the only place where life exists in our solar system. It is divided into 4 layers which combine together to make our Earth. It also has 12 different layers which are joined together and when they collide with each other, Earthquakes are caused. 

On its axis, the Earth rotates, an imaginary straight line through its center. The two points where the rotation axis intersects the surface of the Earth are called the poles, one of which is called the North Pole and the other is called the South Pole. One rotation is completed in 24 hours with respect to the Sun, called a solar day.

The gaseous material surrounding the earth's outer envelopes are called the atmosphere. We live on our earth under the atmosphere. That part of the earth in the form of land is called the crust of the earth. It also includes the oceans ' highest mountain peaks and floors. The Lithosphere (Greek, Litho= Stone) is part of the land that is visible on the Globe.
We know that almost 75% of the earth's entire surface is covered by natural waters such as oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, etc. Which is a continuous envelope around the earth in the form of more or less?

The Earth revolves in the direction of the counter-clock or from left to right or east. There are two reasons for the rotation. First, the rotation axis serves as a reference when setting the latitude and longitude geographic grid. Second, it provided a good measure of the time span, 24 hours or 1440 minutes or 86,400 seconds per day. 

Our planet is in danger because of the many issues that are growing day by day. One of the major reason behind this is Global warming.

Man has used up to the limit natural resources and misused them. We are now tearing up remote corners of the planet in search of crude oil and coal and disappearing our forests and wild animals. We drink polluted water, inhale dust-filled air, and eat food with traces of pesticides and other toxic chemicals. That's why we suffer from diseases. 

The ozone layer has a hole as a result of human activities, the sea is rising, and the Antarctica and Greenland ice caps are melting. Now we are warned by global warming that climate change is not a hoax and that it is coming.

Essay on Earth: 800 Words

Our planet, the Earth, belongs to the family of the Sun and is about 150 million km away. Due to the contraction of a cloud of gas and dust, the Sun was formed, eventually, the remaining part of this cloud formed the other planets in the same way. The Earth has taken nearly 100 million years to become a glowing rock ball. As a result, a crust was formed, the molten rock on the surface gradually began to sink towards the center. This molten rock and other gasses were regularly thrown out by volcanoes on the surface. In turn, these gasses formed water vapor and the atmospheric layers surrounding the Earth.

The Earth as we see it today is 12,756 km in diameter and 40,075 km in the equator circumference. It has a total mass of approximately 6,000 billion tons with a land area of approximately 29 %, the oceans cover the balance area of 71 %. The Earth rotates on an imaginary axis just like a globe and it takes 23 hours 59 minutes and 4 seconds to complete one day and night rotation. Like the other planets, the Earth also revolves around the Sun and completing one revolution takes 365 days for 6 hours and 9 minutes.

The Earth is tilted at an angle of 23.5 ° on its axis, it is because of this tilt that the rays of the Sun fall unevenly on various parts of the Earth giving us different seasons. The amount of time it takes the Earth to rotate on its axis decides for us night and day, and the time it takes to go around the Sun once gives us a year.

In this universe, the earth is the most precious thing to have oxygen and water, essential to life. Due to various human wrong practices, the natural resources found on Earth are deteriorating day by day. It endangers life on earth. Due to the lack of their favorable environment, various forest animals have been completely extinct.

Day after day, the rate of different types of pollution, global warming and other environmental issues is increasing. To reduce the negative effects of the same, it is very necessary to stop all bad practices. On April 22nd each year, Earth Day is celebrated to spread awareness among people around the world.

Our earth takes nothing in return from us however it demands to maintain it for the continuity of healthy life on earth. We are not alone to live on the earth; there are various unknown living species that live on earth.

Ways to save Earth

There are various easy ways to save the earth that can be helpful. Earth is the solar system's only known planet with life. People were not involved in any kind of destructive work in ancient times, so there was no fear of pollution and other environmental problems. 
People began to develop cities and industries for the modern lifestyle and easy life for everyone after the population explosion. Man learned to misuse natural resources beyond the limit for industrialization. People involved in deforestation that resulted in the extinction, pollution, and global warming of various wild animals.

We must grow more trees.
Stop using plastic
Use solar energy
Do not waste water
We must not cut down forests
Try to use eco-friendly things
There must be a proper balance in nature

Due to the continuous rise in global temperature, the melting of polar ice caps, the bleaching of coral reefs and the risks of the tsunami, floods, and droughts, there is an urgent need to save our earth. Our mother earth condition is becoming poor which reduces the chances of a healthy life. Earth is the main source of all the basic elements needed to keep us alive. Due to the release of toxic fumes, chemical waste, and excessive noise, bad human activities have given rise to various environmental problems.

So, we should not be selfish and think about all the living species on the earth. We should save our earth and environment by reducing the number of wastes, plastic, paper, woods, etc. we should make the habit of reuse and recycle things (clothes, toys, furniture, books, papers, etc) in order to generate less waste. We should stop all the bad practices involved in increasing the level of pollution and global warming.

Government has taken various effective steps to save the earth, save a life, and save the earth, save the environment to sustain the earth's healthy life. Life is not possible anywhere in the universe without earth. Human activities related to the destruction of earth's natural resources have a very bad impact on the earth's environment. So, by practicing Eco-friendly activities, it is our sole responsibility to save the earth. Always keep in mind that the future of our planet is in our hands we can either make it or ruin it. 

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