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Essay on Discipline: 100 Words

Discipline in everybody's life is the most important thing. One can't live a happy life without discipline. It is the act of living in accordance with certain rules and regulations. Discipline is all we do in the right time in the right way. It takes us on the right track. In our daily lives, we all follow different types of discipline. There are many examples, such as waking up early in the morning, drinking a glass of water, going to the washroom to get fresh, brushing our teeth, taking a bath, having breakfast, going to school in uniform at the right time, etc.

Essay on Discipline: 300 Words

Discipline is the act of keeping our body, mind, and soul under control and performing all the works correctly by following the orders of parents, teachers or elders. It is the act to train our minds to accept disciplinary rules and regulations. In our daily lives, we can see the example of true discipline in every natural resource. Every day, the sun rises and sets at the right time, the moon rises and sets at the right time, every day comes morning and evening without getting late, the river always runs, parents always love, teachers always teach us and much more.

essay on discipline
essay on discipline

So why we should be back in our lives, we should also follow all the discipline that we need in our lives to go ahead without having problems. We should listen to them and learn from their wins and failures to know about their experiences. It gives us a valuable lesson in life whenever we begin to look deeply at anything. The seasons come and go in the right pattern, the rains, and stops in the sky, etc.

There might be things that we do not like but if we follow the rules that have been set by our elders then we the success will be ours. 
We also need to be disciplined in order to maintain this earth's life cycle. We have many responsibilities for our lives, parents, teachers, family, environment, atmosphere, and so on. As a human being, we are keen to think, decide what is right or wrong, and implement our plans to turn it into action. We are therefore highly responsible for knowing this discipline's necessity and importance in our lives.

In life, indiscipline causes much confusion and makes a human being irresponsible and lazy. It lowers the level of confidence and makes the mind unsure of even a simple job doing anything. Being disciplined, however, leads us to the highest ladder of life.

Essay on Discipline: 500 Words

Discipline is something that keeps everyone in good control. It motivates a person to go forward and succeed in life. Each of us has experienced discipline in different ways, depending on their own needs and understanding of life. It's very necessary to go on the right path in everybody's life. Life becomes inactive and useless without discipline as nothing goes according to the plan. If we need to implement our strategy on any project that needs to be completed in the right way, first we need to be disciplined.

In every walk of life, whether at home, at the office, at the playground or elsewhere, it is a very necessary tool for everyone. If we don't follow the discipline, our daily lives would become unorganized. In this world, everything has discipline and the discipline organizes it. Air, water, and land provide us with a way of living life. Without discipline, the whole world, country, society, community, etc. would be disorganized as all needs discipline. Discipline is the nature that exists in all that nature makes.

There are generally two types of discipline. One is induced discipline in which we learn from others to be disciplined, and another is a self-discipline that comes from one's own mind to be disciplined. Sometimes, however, we need somebody's motivation to improve our habit of self-discipline.

At many stages of our life, we need discipline in many ways, so it's good to practice childhood discipline. Self-discipline means motivating yourself to focus on the study and complete assignments at the right time. For the worker, however, it means getting up early in the morning from the bed, doing exercise to get fit, going to the office on time, and doing job tasks properly. Everyone needs to have self-discipline, as in modern times no one has time to motivate others to be in discipline.

In every field, self-discipline is needed, such as diet (it needs to control fat and junk foods), regular exercise (it needs to concentrate), etc. Without food control, one can get health disorders and fatty body so it needs discipline. Parents need to develop habits of self-discipline as they need to teach a good discipline to their children. They must always motivate them to behave well and do it all at the right time. Some naughty kids don't follow the discipline of their parents, in such cases, parents need to be patient and dare to teach their naughty kids.

Discipline is of great value in every aspect of our life. Whether we're in school, home, office, institutions, factory, playground, battlefield or elsewhere, we have to follow it all the time. It is a happy and peaceful life's most important necessity. It gives us plenty of great opportunities, the right way forward, learning new things in life, experiencing more in less time, etc., and growing. In contrast, lack of discipline is causing a lot of confusion and disorders. Instead, indiscipline does not give peace and progress in life creates many problems.

Essay on Discipline: 800 Words

Discipline is implicit obedience to a superior authority's commands and acceptance with a smile of punishment for any infringement of it. There is anarchy if there is no discipline in life. Life is unorganized. There's no plain here. No action has anything to do with another so that nothing comes to its proper conclusion. Little observation will show that the heaven above the earth below, wherever discipline reigns supreme, for example, the earth, the moon, and the stars move around the sun, according to specific rules. Even animals under their leadership are disciplined. Bees ' life in a hive is a disciplined life model.

The home is a nursery where, through obedience to parents and elders, we receive our first discipline lesson. As we leave the nursery and enter an educational institution's portals, discipline becomes a vital matter. That's because student life is a bottle of the life preparation period. No less is the need for playground discipline. Through weakness, a disciplined team has a big advantage over its rival, strong but ill-organized.

There's a great need for discipline in society. If their individual members are allowed to do whatever they like, they will break up society and arrest progress. Country youth lack of discipline may jeopardize national security.

O where discipline may be more necessary than it is in the army. Here a hesitation of moments can mean defense and death. The difficulty, danger, even death itself, should not prevent a soldier from executing his commander's orders, even though they are unjust or difficult.

However, there are men who oppose discipline. They think it kills originality and takes initiative away from it. Disciplined people are just like machinery parts, they say. we must remember that man is not a machine and It should not, therefore, be expected that he will be obedient and orderly.

This is a very mistaken discipline view. It's the authoritarianism extreme. That doesn't mean discipline. It makes originality possible. There is no objection to any work being taken by people and any thought being adapted. The only demand you make from discipline is to have a plan and an order.

Discipline is an invaluable asset. Life without discipline is like a rudderless ship. Checking the erring is a rod, a break to control man's thoughtless action. Its purpose is not to degenerate into a license for freedom.

A child must obey his / her parents and elders; a student must obey his / her teachers, follow the rules of the school and pursue his / her education wholeheartedly; an employee must be timely in reaching his / her workplace and observe the full working hours performing the assigned tasks to the best of his / her ability. Discipline connotes a lot of things for a father— from earning a living to supporting the family to inculcating moral values on the children.

He must exemplify by following a citizen's duties— paying his taxes in time, casting his vote in the elections, remaining honest in his dealings, respecting the law — so that his children grow up to become responsible citizens in an atmosphere of discipline.

If the father values time and follows a strict schedule early in the morning, going to work in time and returning home to assume his responsibilities, the kids will learn to value time and make a schedule of their work. They will study regularly for fixed hours and do their other work on time.

For a mother's discipline, a host of activities may well be called her duties. If she is a working lady, she must carry out the dual function of regularly attending her office at fixed hours and caring for her home.

Discipline is a broader term that includes a number of things that change from time to time and from place to place. When traveling by train or metro, we must follow the rules of buying the ticket from the railways, occupying our seat, not disturbing others or defiling the compartment, not carrying any flammable items, and protecting the property of the railways, etc. 

In sports, discipline is of particular importance. There are certain rules to be followed by each player in every game-hockey, football cricket, tennis, billiards, chess, etc. Similarly, the participants must obey certain rules in all athletics disciplines. There are penalties or negative points in each game that violate the rules. There will be complete chaos in the field if these rules are not followed.

For all of us, discipline is of great value. It brings order to our lives and makes society's systems work towards achieving certain goals. History tells us that only those civilizations that followed discipline in their activities prospered and lasted longer. Those generations that have failed to follow the discipline and have lived a life of extravagance and wantonness have been unable to affect others. Discipline brings many other qualities to us, such as timeliness, perseverance, tolerance, hard work and time management. Therefore, as citizens of a civilized society, it has great value for us.

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